Sunny London: Barclays Bikes

Boris and his beloved bicycles!

Boris and his beloved bicycles! Photo cred: Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment

Glorious is London, when the sun shines. This city often seems stuck in a mood of perpetual glumness thanks to the grey skies which hover above with the invariability of a Taylor Swift album. However, with this recent hot streak (yes, pun intended), the city springs to life; suddenly it is obvious that there are 11 million Londoners as they crowd outside pubs and lay sprawled out in parks.
As such, there is really only one way to get around: Barclays, or Boris, Bikes. The clever concept, that is nicknamed after our affable, buffoonish mayor, is both healthy and cheap. Biking everywhere has its obvious physical benefits, but Barclays bikes are also extremely affordable, with various hiring schemes available. You can rent a bike for 24 hours at only 2GBP – cheaper than a single tube journey – or there is a 7-day option (at 10GBP), as well as an annual pass for only 90GBP. My monthly oyster pass is BARELY cheaper, and I have a student discount.

From Camden to Swiss Cottage and back.

There are of course occasions  when the bikes become significantly less practical – nights out, and the numerous months of winter – but when the weather is this nice, why not take the city in on two wheels? For me at least, it is certainly preferable to being stuck in a carriage overflowing with tourists/grumbling suits in the stifling tube heat over 100ft underground.


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