The Modern Pantry

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Friday was a cold, damp day, the type that lives up to all of London’s worst stereotypes and then some, but luckily we had plans to have a much talked of breakfast at one of London’s buzzier restaurants, the Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell. It isn’t exactly out of the way, but it isn’t on our beaten track either, and in the 40 degree (Fahrenheit) weather, after the 8 minute trek from Farringdon station we were thoroughly bedraggled and ready for some food. The most telling image is simply the incredible, inventive, crazy, perfect menu:


We opted for the ricotta and berry compote pancakes and the feta, sweet corn, curry leaf, and green chili waffles with bacon (??!??!?). We washed it down with a berry and mint and passion fruit, banana, orange, and honey smoothie- with smoothie and juice options that good, we didn’t even think about mimosas or bloody marys. The best menus play with your expectations and throw outlandish combinations at you that, after the first bite, no longer seem outlandish but instead perfectly logical. That is essentially how this meal was. The passion fruit and banana smoothie wasn’t thick, but milky, without actually having added milk. I suspect an entire passion fruit was involved, and it was absolutely perfect. The mixed berry and mint was extremely minty and fruity- an ideal combination, but you could tell that the fruits (blackberries and raspberries and maybe blueberries, if I had to guess) had been carefully selected. And the food:Image

They had elements of frittata to them, and as a concept worked wonderfully. The bacon was especially nice, and the feta didn’t overpower the dish (which it so easily can).

ImageThe pancakes were soft and thick, presumably because of the ricotta-heavy batter, as well as a good solid dose on top. The result was incredibly rich, with the sweetness cut by the berry compote- not over-sweetened, often the curse of such dishes. Spot the ubiquitous white iphone with camera open, of course….

Including service, it was about £30 for breakfast/brunch for two including service. Not cheap, but not too pricey either, and the food was seriously good. They also offer a weekend brunch menu that we’ll definitely be back to try. Booking recommended, top picture courtesy of


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