The Winchester Islington

Winchester (1 of 1)

We first went to the Winchester for their pub quiz- every Tuesday- and quickly returned, because it is the BEST pub quiz (also because we came in second and have been chasing the golden goose ever since). The quiz is unusual: held in their downstairs room, hosted by the same man every week, it includes a performance round (a rap, limerick  song, etc, based on current events), and an art round, where the team creates something out of plasticene. It is a 2 quid buy-in per head, and the winning team wins part of the pot and a round of drinks of their choice! The runners-up win a round of drinks of their choice, the third place team and the team that wins the art round win shots, and the losers win free desert. So nobody really loses…
During the quiz, we always go for an order of nachos – they’re unconventional according to our strict American standards, but delicious, washed down with the extensive and elaborate cocktail menu, generally priced beween 6-8GBP.

Recently, we attended a birthday party there for one of our friends on a Friday night, and loved it: the Winchester balances a comfortable low-key pub atmosphere upstairs with their DJ spinning old-school 90’s hip-hop down below. With everyone rapping along to Young Hov, Eminem, and one-hit-wonders like “In Da Club” (I know Fiddy Cent has numerous albums out but we all know this song was the beginning of the end for him musically), happiness abounded and one could seamlessly drift from one space to another, floating on a cloud of insobriety. For those who desire that in-between of house party and club night, the Winchester provides.

They also do a 2-for-1 Sunday Roast, and while not the best around (see ) its extremely good value for those looking for something on the cheap.


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